Jademar Lighting: JAL G2 (second Generation) Area Light Series

The JAL G2 Second Generation LED Area Light series is a group of LED area architectural luminaries designed to illuminate parking areas, roads, building facades, loading docks and a variety of other general lighting applications. This new generation has a lighter sleeker design with multiple mounting options making it a versatile luminaire for flood lighting, pole-mounted area lighting, ground and wall lighting, and other exterior lighting requirements.

The JAL G2 series can be used with an an intelligent programmable control in a traditional easy to use twist lock photocell. The Jademar JPC Photocell combines standard dusk to dawn on/off operation with advanced programmable control features and an ANSI 7 pin socket interface to connect to wireless networked control systems.

Standard features include 0-10VDC and DALI dimming, ten second stray light or lightning delay, 22kA surge protection and a programmable dusk and dawn level on/off setting. Optional features include IP67 aluminum enclosure with multiple color choices, 347VAC operation and programmable control for nighttime dimmed operation and lifetime illumination decay adjustments.

Programed operation includes constant operation illumination level, turn off response time delay, nighttime dimmed operation in full range of 0-100%, nighttime dimmed time and lifetime illumination decay compensation up to 13 years.

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