Seem 1 Louver

Quiet or bold, focused or ambient, always sophisticated, Seem 1 Louver with ID+ technology enables the creation of precise lighting scenes with a combination of lensed and louvered illumination.

The perfect match between linear luminaires and downlights, it offers a variety of optics and finishes to deliver broad, ambient lighting or highly focused, task lighting. The louver cells use the same superior technology found in the ID+ Downlights and Cylinders. This ensures a consistent light quality and promotes visual comfort with shared light sources, louvers in a variety of beam spreads and finishes, and deep cut-offs. ​​​Direct or bi-directional lensed illumination offers the choice between batwing and Lambertian light distributions.

The highly configurable luminaire enables the specification of unique suspended, surface mount, or recessed luminaires tailored for each application. Louver cells, lenses, and faceplates can be combined in multiple configurations, resulting in individual luminaires, runs, or patterns with independently controlled light sources.

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